SFR Santé Lyon-Est: Annonce : EFOR meeting 2016: save the date! (2016/03/7th and 8th)
EFOR meeting 2016: save the date! (2016/03/7th and 8th)
Catégorie : Animation scientifique» Conférences
Audience : Public SFR Santé Lyon-Est
Date de l'évènement : du Lundi 07 Mars 2016 au Mardi 08 Mars 2016

EFOR (Réseau d'Etudes Fonctionnelles chez les ORganismes modèles.

Dear collaborators,
The EFOR network ( is delighted to announce its 7th annual meeting on 2016, March 7th and 8th!

Thematic sessions will be held on the first day (March 7th):

In the morning:
- Models for studying stem cells from different tissues
- Models for studying cerebrovascular accident (has to be confirmed)
In the afternoon:
- New imaging technologies and data processing tools (in progress) 
- Genome editing in animals: ethical questions

The second day is devoted to parallel workshops, each dedicated to a model

or a class of models: 
1) Zebrafish
2)  Nematods
3) Non-Human Primates
4) Avian models
5) Marine Metazoa
6) Lepidoptera
7) Arthropoda (in progress)
8) Drosophila (has to be confirmed)

Please, see enclosed the program.

Free registration is made through the enclosed registration form, to be sent to  djian[atte]
Please, transmit to your colleagues who could be interested.
The organizing committee

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